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Hey, Swiss Prefects and visitors! (:

This year, our blog administrators are:
Gianna, Yong Yi, and Agnes.

These Prefects are in-charge of updating the blog. If any Prefect wants to make an announcement, please write it down in a piece of paper and pass it to one of them.

We've set up a buddy system; please remind your partners to check the blog frequently and inform them if there are any updates. No more excuses for not being informed of any announcements! ;)

Secondary 2s'

Wilson, Yong Yi
Min Yi, Sarita
Ling Ying, Shu Yi
Jie Lin, Dawn
Si Xuan, Krystal
Justina, Yun Ping
Wei Heng, Jonathan
Agnes, Shi Han
Min Hui, Asyiqin
Ye Hua, Aisyah
Xiu Fang, Jessy
Gianna, Wan Xin
Shao Yi, XiaoWen
Philip, Janice
Khairulanwar, Ee Siong
Theodoros, Beverly

Secondary 3s'

She Ler, Bridget Ho
Hafiza, Farhanah
Carina, Zulhilmi
Lyndon, Jessica
Edwin Lai, Han Jie
Shin Chienh, Brigitte Ong
Feng Can, Chang Feng
Jolie, Sarah
Pei Jin, Waqiuddin
Ruby, Michelle
Amira, Nisah

Secondary 4s'

Eleanor, Han Zi
Melissa, Naomi
Yee Jeng, Victor
Pearl, Tseung Jun
Glen, Janielson
Jia Her, Sin Hui
Andrew, Xue Er
Benedict, Chia Heng
Emmanuel, Wee Leong
Tricia, Ivan
Jasmin, Hakimah